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Thursday, 6 April 2017

Baseless allegations over Syria unsuitable, says Vladimir Putin

Moscow: Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday that baseless allegations over a Syrian compound assault were unsatisfactory, while Western nations occupied with endeavors to seat Damascus with another United Nations Security Council determination.

No less than 70 individuals, among them 27 pure youngsters, were killed with more than 500 others injured on Tuesday in a dangerous gas assault by Syrian warplanes on the Islamic State-held town of Khan Sheikhoun in the country`s Idlib territory.

However, the Russian Defense Ministry said on Wednesday that the dangerous gas pollution was brought about by the blast of substance weapons delivered and put away by the renegades, after Syrian air ship besieged the range.

Damascus has more than once precluded ownership from securing any concoction weapons.

Amid Thursday`s discussion, Putin called the gas sullying "an episode", saying "it is unsatisfactory to make unfounded allegations against any gathering until an intensive and target worldwide examination has been led".

US President Donald Trump on Wednesday blamed the Syrian government for going "past a red line" by assaulting regular citizens with lethal gas.

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